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Our aim is to provide an efficient professionally installed electronic secruity package that suits the customer's requirements.

Intruder Alarms

An intruder alarm has three primary functions – to deter, to detect and to create an audible warning at the earliest opportunity should an intruder gain illegal entry to your premises.

Intruder alarms can range from audible only systems, where upon an alarm activation, the internal and external sounders ring; to a fully monitored system whereby signals are sent to a main receiving centre and the police and nominated key holders are informed of the breach.

Whether your premises are a small lock up shop, or a large corporate business premises, Telecom Alarms Ltd will assess your individual needs and deliver a tailor made system to suit your requirements. For added peace of mind, an annual maintenance and/or monitoring contract, giving 24 hours service is supplied with all systems.

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We provide the latest Close Circuit Security Systems (CCTV) for commercial premises.
Using the latest technology in internal and external cameras and digital recording units, including conventional Analogue, HD or IP CCTV systems, we can supply and install a bespoke CCTV package to suit your size property. Our knowledgeable surveyors will advise you on the appropriate system requirements for your premises, including the number of cameras and hard drive and data storage for your recordings.

We can configure your CCTV system to be viewed remotely, this can be done by either your own on site IT engineer at no cost, or our IT engineer, if you require our IT engineer to carry out the connection, due to concerns by the customers own IT dept allowing external engineers to work on their systems we use a professional external company to do all our remote viewing work who are used to the larger company systems.

Our IT Company would send one of their senior consultants to carry out the work. They are all professionally qualified (with all the Cisco and Microsoft Networks certifications) to deal with clients who have large network installations. They install, maintain and upgrade all sizes of IT networks and Phone systems on a daily basis, specialising in multisite companies, remote access and the newer cloud services.

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Access Control

Controlling the access in and out of your business and accounting for movement within your property are essential aspects of professional level security. Using the latest technology and with a wide range of access devices available to suit your requirements, Telecom Alarms Ltd bespoke access control systems allow you to secure every barrier, gate, door, turnstile and connecting entry and exit points and can be remotely accessed for ease of use.

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Door Entry Systems

Installing a door entry system is a great way to protect your business assets, staff and property. By restricting access to authorised personnel only, safety is increased, whilst theft and vandalism are reduced. Controlling access to your building can be executed in a number of ways, including door fob devices or by means of audio and visual resources and Telecom Alarms Ltd can advise you on the system which is apt for your business or property.

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Fire Alarms

Fire alarm detectors are the definitive components in fire protection and offer the earliest signal that a fire has broken out.

Our team of fire alarm specialists are all trained to the highest industry standards and have expert knowledge in all areas of fire alarm systems. A simple site survey by one of our specialists will determine your fire safety needs, from alarm positioning, to call points and sounders and beacons, we can offer both hard wired systems as well as radio controlled systems for buildings where hard wiring may be difficult to fit or the building is listed where cables are not to be run.

All of our fire alarm systems are designed and installed with a maintenance schedule that meets approval of BS-5839-1

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Our biometrics solutions allow you to clock in or out using state of the art finger print or Retina reading technologies and give maximum security to restricted areas of your building. Biometrics can be used as the sole means of registering attendance or combined with a card reader, to verify identity.

Finger print readers are the most popular product due to convenience and affordability; however Telecom Alarms Ltd can integrate with the technology of your choice, to create a solution that meets your needs and requirements.

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We pride ourselves on providing more than just a security or fire alarm system.

Security Systems Maintenance
Whilst the visual presence of a system can be the biggest deterrent for an intruder, it is important to have your systems annually serviced to maintain its function ability, in order to be able to work soundly when presented with a security breach.
It is also important to have your access control, door entry and cctv systems regularly serviced as many things can go wrong, i.e. doors not locking exit button not working or DVR/NVR’s not recording, cameras require cleaning or out of focus, to mention just a few.

Most insurance companies require evidence of an intruder alarm system being installed and maintained by an approved security company such as a NACOSS Gold approved company, we are recognised by insurance companies as we meet the Association of British Insurers (ABI) requirements.

Telecom alarms Ltd can provide a service and repair service, or an ongoing maintenance package for your security system as per your requirements.

Fire alarm System Maintenance
Under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is mandatory for all fire safety systems, equipment and devices to be subject to a system of maintenance, and are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.

We can provide a scheduled maintenance package to ensure that your systems are maintained to the highest standard in accordance with BS5839-1:2002+A2:2008 and to provide peace of mind that your employee’s safety is not compromised.

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Gates and Barriers

Telecom Alarms Ltd provide a wide range of automated gates and barriers to provide enhanced security to your building. These automated systems can be integrated with a number of access control devices including keyfob/remote control devices, key pad systems and audio and visual access control.

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We can supply and install different options for both RF, and AM Systems and fully install these tagging systems in many different shop environments. We can also provide the ongoing annual maintenance and service for your system ensuring the units are kept operational and in working condition. All the tagging systems can be set to work on various openings up to 2mts with labels and 2m with hard tags.

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